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Supporting Your Child's Communication
Speak Volumes is a private paediatric speech-language pathology practice located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.


We provide speech-language pathology assessment, treatment, and consultation.

Located in Richmond Hill, our goal is to provide family-centered services that support your child’s communication.

We encourage parents to be involved in sessions and to engage in home practice. After all, parents are their children’s best teachers!

Family-Centered Care

Assessment, Treatment & Consultation

Caregiver Training


Our practice focuses on:


Naturalistic, play-based approaches that focus on connection and celebrating your child’s strengths. 


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

High-tech AAC assessments, caregiver training, and implementation of a variety of softwares.


Gestalt Language Processing

Assessment and intervention for children who communicate with delayed echolalia. Our therapy approach is based on the Natural Language Acquisition Protocol (by Marge Blanc, SLP).


Literacy Skills

Evidence-based structured literacy approaches. We also work with AAC users on building their literacy skills.



We assess communication skills, including:  social communication, expressive and receptive language, speech sound production, and literacy skills. We also assess use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems with a focus on high-tech software. Assessments may include the use of standardized tests, developmental checklists, qualitative measures, and observation, parent reports, and direct interaction.

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