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We provide telepratice and in-home speech and language services for children. Committed to being client-centered, our private services are designed to meet your child’s challenges and goals.


We provide assessment of communication skills, including social communication, expressive and receptive language, speech production, literacy skills and fluency skills. We also provide assessment for augmentative and alternative communication systems, with a focus on high tech softwares. 

Assessments may include formal assessments, involving the use of standardized tests, developmental checklists or other informal measures of observation, parental report and direct interaction.




Treatment involves sessions that are structured around targeting your child’s speech and language goals. These can be play-based or structured, depending on the goals and age of the child.

Sessions can involve direct therapy with your child and/or caregiver training with you to coach you on how to support your child’s communication development.


Consultation involves meeting with parents, caregivers and/or teachers in order to determine the challenges your child is facing and strategies that can support them in achieving their goals. Consultations are also often provided during treatment sessions. For instance, we might review strategies or home practice at the end of  sessions, or have a conversation with a teacher on what was targeted in a school session.

Written suggestions are provided upon request from the parent/caregiver.

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